CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin & Kang Min Hyuk, Military enlistment today “We will return”

Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk from CNBLUE will enlist to military today 31st of July.

The two of them will enter the military training camp in this afternoon and started their military duties to serve their nations.

image source: Lee Jung Shin Instagram

Before entering their military camp, the two of them expressed that they’re happy to show off their new shaved hair through their official social media.

image source: Kang Min Hyuk Instagram

The two of them will be sent to a different military camp.

Previously before Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk, the member of CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa joined the military last march while the only one CNBLUE member that left, Lee jong Hyun will also enlist to military this year.

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