Lee Joon Gi, a cover model in Hong Kong… The chic-looking gaze

Actor Lee Jon Gi will be in the front cover of Hong Kong’s men fashion magazine Elle Men.

Lee Joon Gi proved his popularity in China by becoming the front cover model of the famous men’s magazine in Hong Kong, Elle Men.

image source: Elle Men

In the drama ‘Lawless Lawyer’ that ended in the 1st of July, Lee Joon Gi showed his ability in action and emotional acting through his character, Bong Sang Pil, a lawless lawyer who uses fists instead of law. The appearance of Lee Joon Gi in the pair of suit is enough to win the viewers heart not only the Korean fans but also the foreign fans.

image source: Elle Men

In the pictorial set, Lee Joon Gi was seen happy and full of spirit as he kept smiling that made the staff felt friendly and comfortable. One of the official said that “I am a big fan of Lee Joon Gi. He always shows his spirit and enthusiasm to all of his performances. I think eventhough there’s a language barrier, his sincerity are shown perfectly well.”

image source: Elle Men

Meanwhile, Lee Joon Gi is currently resting while reviewing his next works.