‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days’ will it surpasses 5 million audiences in the first week of release?

The movie ‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days’ is expected to set a new record in the first week of its release.

According to one source, this movie has collected a total 2.346.305 audiences in the first day of its release and this movie surpassed 1 million and 2 million audiences in the second day of its release.

image source: Lotte Entertainment

The most interesting differences is that the record compared between ‘Along with the gods: The Last 49 Days’ with its first movie. The first movie, ‘Along with the Gods: The Two World’ that was released in December last year surpassed 1 million audiences in the three days of its first release and 2 million audiences in the fourth day and keeps increasing in the fifth day.

image source: Lotte Entertainment

This movie has captured the viewers attention because it will reveal the story of 1000 years ago of a god Gangrim, Hae Won maek and Deokchun.

Meanwhile, ‘Along with the Gods: the Last 49 Days’ tells a story of a god who faced the 49th trial of his reincarnation and met someone who remembered his past 1000 years ago.