EXO appeared in the overseas advertisement of Korean Tourism 2018

The ministry of culture, sport and tourism through the Korean Tourism Organization yesterday announced that they have six different contents that can be enjoyed by the foreign tourist in order to promote the tourism in Korea.

Along with the developments of Digital Media, now the advertising video focusing on various experiences and also the global trend in order to distribute the tourism information to the tourist as the total of the tourist who visited Korea increasing day by day.

image source: Korean Tourism Organization

The main theme of the Korean Tourism this time is the experience of the foreign tourist on the unique and the deep meaning of each of the tourism location in Korea.

In 2018, the six advertisements of Korean Tourism will show the theme of History, Tradition, Trend, Adventures, healing and also Hallyu.

The eight members of EXO become the official ambassador for Korean Tourism 2018 and each member will be the main character of each theme that shows various things the tourist can enjoy in Korea.

image source: Korean Tourism Organization

Starting from the advertisement teaser that was released in 6th of August, the advertisement was introduced to the world through the digital channel such as Youtube and Facebook.

The video is available in the official website and Youtube of Korean Tourism Organization

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