Park Bo Gum, return with the work that ‘Surpass Song Jong Ki’?

Park Bo Gum who was been resting all these time has finally returned. Park Bo Gum recently just confirmed his appearance in drama ‘Boyfriend’. In this drama, he will be the main lead along with Song Hye Kyo who is also returning to small screen after two years of absence and this drama is set to air by the end of this year.

image source: TNGT

Park Bo Gum has become more popular through his role in drama ‘Reply 1988’ and continue his success through the drama ‘Moonlight Drawn By The Cloud’ which later he stopped working. Eventhough he was in the peak of his career, Park Bo Gum decided to finish his study first. It is said that his passion on his study is just as strong as his acting career so he finally graduated from a college early this year.

Park Bo Gum has considered a lot of offers for his next work until he finally chose ‘Boyfriend’ the most anticipated drama as his next work.

image source: Blossom Entertainment

Eventhough Park Bo Gum is the pretty boy actor, he has not yet surpassing his colleague, Song Joong Ki. This time in drama ‘Boyfriend’ is his chance to show his new face. Song Hye Kyo who is also the ‘Goddess of Melodrama’ will always show a perfect harmony with the other lead. That’s why the drama ‘Boyfriend’ is expected to be the chance for Park Bo Gum to advance to the next step in his career.

image source: Song Hye Kyo Facebook

Song Joong Ki is a husband of Song Hye Kyo and a best friend of Park Bo Gum. Song Joong Ki showed the perfect chemistry with Song Hye Kyo in his previous work and they finally fell in love and got married. From the public point of view, Park Bo Gum who will be Song Hye Kyo’s partner this time is expected to surpass Song Joong Ki. What Park Bo Gum has to do is show his strong presence on his character. Now the viewers has waiting for the chemistry of Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo.