‘The Spy Gone North’ will be released in North America·Europe and Asia… The overseas release has been confirmed.

The new movie entitled ‘The Spy Gone North’ directed by PD Yoon Jong Bin which was invited to the 71st Cannes film festival 2018 will be released in Korea in 8th of August and then later it will be released in North America two days after its release in the Korea.

image source: CJ Entertainment

This movie is a movie that tells a story of a spy from the ministry of information and communication that was assigned on a mission to revealed the secret deal between the higher-rank officials of North Korea and South Korea on the nuclear program in the middle of 1990s.

image source: CJ Entertainment

The movie ‘The Spy Gone North’ will be released in Australia and New Zealand in 23rd of August after greeting the overseas viewers in North America in 10th of August. In Singapore and Hong Kong this movie will be released in 6th of September and in Taiwan in 7th of September. Starting from October, this movie will be released in Europe. For the Exact date of release in Britain is 12th of October and in France in 7th November. The release date for Poland and Japan will be release soon.