Hundred Days Husband’ Do Kyung Soo’s twisted changes of the crown prince

The new tvN drama ‘Hundred Days Husband’ has unveiled the still cut of actor Do Kyung Soo who was a crown prince.

According to the production team of this drama in August 17th, Do Kyung Soo has gives off a strong impression as the perfect crown prince Joseon. He played the good looking and good at literature crown prince named Lee Yool who is abducted and disappeared and then returned as a common people. He will also marry the eldest daughter of the noble man in Joseon named Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun).

image source: tvN

The still cuts that were released today are not the picture of the crown prince Lee Yool but a common people who is good looking despite the simple clothes and the headband tied around his head. The clothes has drastically changed but his appearance somehow still shines brightly.

image source: tvN

Do Kyung Soo will play the role of the perfect crown prince Lee Yool who seems to have no flaws since he was a kid and he will turn into a common people. Especially while living in the village, he will have a love line with Hong Shim and will showed off his warm and humanity side. The love story of Hong shim and Won Deuk outside the palace is one of the main interest that captured the viewers heart.

‘Hundred Days Husband’ tells a love story of a man named Won Deuk and a woman named Hong Shim with the set of Joseon Dynasty. This tvN drama is expected to captured the viewers heart not only through the set but also through the lovely scenes and romantic love story that will keep the viewers entertained. This drama is set to air in 10th of September at 9.30pm to follow up ‘Let’s eat 3’.

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