‘Along with the Gods 2’ → ‘The Spy Gone North’ → ‘Witness’, The continuation of box office

These three Korean movies have become very popular and taking turn in competing each other.

According to the Korean movies and entertainment organization, a few movies has become the number one hit box office that surpassed the ‘target’ audiences. The movie ‘Witness’ has reached a total 161,878 viewers per day up to 554,860 audiences after a day of its release. This movie immediately became the box office, climbing up from the third position to the first one.

image source: Next Entertainment World

Before the movie ‘Witness’ became the hit box office, the movie ‘The Spy Gone North’ has become the hit box office for three days in consecutives after its release. The popularity of the movie successfully captured the attention of approximately 3 million people with the total audience record for ‘The Spy Gone North’ is 3.259,151 audiences.

image source: CJ Entertainment

Of course the success of the movie ‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days’ might not come amiss. This movie has successfully surpassed the audiences record for more than 10 million in 14th of August and has gained another 1.676,525 audiences in 16th of August. ‘Along with the Gods 2’ has become the main hit box office this summer.

image source: Lotte Entertainment

In other words, ‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days’, ‘The Spy Gone North’ and ‘Witness’ has successfully taking turn in the hit box office list. Just like what each of the production team of these three movie said, “we hope everything is going well”, these three movies have captured the viewers heart and a lot of people are satisfied with the classy promotional of these three Korean movies.

These three movies are still taking turn in the first, second and third positions of a movie with highest interest and seat reservation. The popularity of Korea movies is expected to continue.