‘Lovely Horribly’ Park Shi Hoo x Song Ji Hyo, Performances full with enthusiasm behind the scenes

KBS drama, ‘Lovely Horribly’ unveiled behind cuts that showed the performances of Park Shi Hoo and Song Ji Hyo who changed dramatically from the friendly atmosphere to their serious acting that captured the viewers attention.

image source: KBS

In the recent episode of this drama, the unexpected love story of Philip (Park Shi Hoo) and Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo) has begun after the two of them wen through various strange things that happened. According to the positive reviews that were received after the episode that aired in 21st of August, this drama show it’s popularity by topping the list in its third week.

image source: KBS

The curiosity of the viewers about the past of the two of them, Park Shi Hoo and Song Ji Hyo is getting higher after the pictures were released. First, Park Shi Hoo was seen smiling despite the fact that the filming is under the hot weather. He was also seen smiling softly when he was about to do the trap in the chair scene where Song Ji Hyo came to save Park Shi Hoo who was trapped in the chair that made the viewers excited. The behind cut of the two couple is full with enthusiasm and friendly atmosphere which is very different from their act on the screen.