‘Terius Behind Me’ So Ji Sub, Still cuts of the black agent in black suit

Actor So Ji Sub has transformed into a former black agent in his drama.

The still cuts that recently was released by the MBC drama ‘Terius Behind Me’ showed So Ji Sub’s character which is the legendary black agent Kim Bon.

Image source: MBC

So Ji Sub in the picture showed his manly and sharp feature through the black suit and the eyeglasses with the background of a funeral house. The face of So Ji Sub was very serious that made the viewers wonders on what happened to the black agent and the funeral house.

Kim Bon, the role which played by So Ji Sub is a man who lost his beloved lover after the failure of his operation three years ago and he was also accused as the betrayer.

Image source: MBC

After losing everything in his life and world, he lived his life in loneliness and colorless before he finally met a woman named Go Ae Rin (Jung In Sun) and went through various unexpected things that happened to the two of them.

‘Terius Behind me’ will air in the late September and the main line up of this drama are none other than So Ji Sub, Jung In Sun, Son Ho Joon and Im Se Mi.