‘Thirty but Seventeen’ Shin Hye Sun ♥ Yang Se Jong, Unveiled the unreleased still cuts of ‘Heart throbbing Kiss’

The new SBS drama ‘Thirty but Seventeen’ recently just released the still cuts of the first kiss between Shin Hye Sun (Woo Seo Ri) and Yang Se Jong (Gong Woo Jin) in the 23rd and 24th innings.

image source: SBS

The released still cut showed the first kiss of Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong which the tow of them were seen closing their eyes and kissed that made the viewers excited. The warm and sweet atmosphere among the two of them who are completely focusing on each other made the viewers heart throbbed in a good way.

image source: SBS

In the 23rd and 24th innigs, Woo Seo Ri realized that Woo Jin has fell in love with her and that he truly cares about her and he also gained the viewers attention through his honest love confession to Woo Seo Ri. Seo Ri and Woo Jin who had known each other’s feeling decided to start dating that made the viewers excited by the warmth of the new couple who kissed for the first time. As the result, the attention is now getting bigger on how will the love story between the two people who didn’t know that they’re involved in the past will grow and the expectation of the viewers on the romantic story of the two of them who are officially a couple now is rather high.