‘Revenge is Back’ Shocking! Yoo Seung Ho’s character and his panty has been exposed!

SBS Drama ‘Revenge is Back’ unveiled the character of Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Dong Young with their ripped pants and showing off their hilarious panties that made the viewers burst into laughter.

The new SBS drama ‘Revenge is Back’ that will air in the 10th of December at 10pm local time will tell an emotional romance story of Kang Bok Su who’s life was ruined after getting expelled from the school for the violence in school and decided to return to the school after he became an adult to pay for his revenge.

image source: SBS

Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Dong Young play the characters of Kang Bok Su and Lee Kyung Hyun who returned to the school after nine years to pay for a revenge after getting expelled from school. Kang bok Su and Lee Kyung Hyun met during the school days and they’ve been best friend for nine years since the two of them became adults.

image source: SBS

It was revealed that Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Dong Young was currently being punished in the field. The scene showed Kang Bok Su (Yoo Seung Ho) and Lee Kyung Hyun (Kim Dong Young) who was getting nagged by the couch. Kang Bok Su and Lee Kyung Hyun was trying to defend themselves as the couch was about to hit them with the stick. Kang Bok Su was crossing his hands on his face to avoid getting hit that made the viewers laugh.

Kang Book Su and Lee kyung Hyun also received the punishment in the field, they were doing squatting before they pants were ripped and their panties were exposed as they walked side by side. Their story has successfully captured the viewers attention and made the viewers anticipated this drama.