The Beautiful Men of 1500 Years Ago are Coming in the Drama “Hwarang”

KBS 2TV’s new Monday/ Tuesday drama “Hwarang”, which will start its broadcast in Decemeber, revealed a special poster. As a a fully pre-produced drama, “Hwarang” is getting the attention with its casting of fabulous male stars.

Image source: KBS2

Park Seo Joon (Moo Myung, Seon Woo) and Park Hyung Sik (Sam Maek Jong) are located in the center of the poster. Although the two are exchanging their swords, they are smiling at each other at the same time, forecasting their countless encounters to come in the drama. Their appearance is increasing the expectations of the fans.

Choi Min Ho (Soo Ho), Do Ji Han (Ban Ryoo), Jo Yoon Woo (Yeo Wool) and Kim Tae Hyung (Han Sung) also appear in “Hwarang”. What Go Ara (A Ro), the female protagonist of “Hwarang” that does not appear in the poster, will look like is arousing the question among fans.

“Hwarang” is a drama about the men who lived 1500 ago in the Kingdom of Silla, as ‘Hwarang (Flowery Knights)’, an elite group of young men. As a fully pre-produced drama, it finished its shooting in September, and it will start broadcasting in December.

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