Lee Joon Gi’s Global Popularity in Asia, Europe, North America and Middle East

Lee Joon Gi confirmed his position as a global superstar through his appearance in “Moon Lovers”, which ended broadcasting on November 1st.


The scenes of Kwang Jong (Lee Joon Gi) deciding to go search for Hae Soo (IU) broke the hearts of many fans. Not only domestic fans, but also the fans from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the U.S., France, Iran, etc. have been showing their love for Lee Joon Gi. Some international fans even made fan videos to support “Moon Lovers” and Lee Joon Gi.

Lee Joon Gi’s global fans reacted to the end of “Moon Lovers” by saying, “The second season of “Moon Lovers” must come out”, “It was a touching drama. Wang So was gorgeous” and “Send Lee Joon Gi to the present and let him meet IU”.

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