A Look Back at ‘Goblin’ Episode 9-1, “Wherever Eun Tak is, Kim Shin Will Find Her”

The 9th episode of ‘Goblin’ starts grimly after Grim Reaper’s revelation that Kim Shin will vanish from the earth if the sword in his chest is pulled out by Eun Tak.

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Kim Shin is surprised to find out that Grim Reaper has told Eun Tak everything. Kim Shin immediately looks for Eun Tak because she does not pick up her phone.

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Meanwhile, Grim Reaper meets Sunny again, but the meeting turns out to be a farewell for them because Sunny has decided not to meet him anymore.

On the next day, when Sunny comes to her chicken restaurant, she meets Kim Shin and calls him ‘Brother’.

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Deok Hwa comes to Kim Shin because Kim Shin has caused all kinds of trouble due to his inability to find Eun Tak. Deok Hwa tells Kim Shin that he will find Eun Tak for him.

It turns out that Eun Tak is working as a part-timer in a ski resort.

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Kim Shin then comes to Eun Tak, but Eun Tak refuses to go back home.

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At the ski resort, Eun Tak has an accident. A shelf of ski equipment falls on her head and she faints. At that moment, Eun Tak thinks of Kim Shin while saying, “I need you, I love you,” which makes Kim Shin instantly come and save Eun Tak.

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