Yoona x Park Bo Gum, ‘Hyori Home Stay 2’ Part timer’s visual that more dazzling than snow

After Yoona, it’s time for Park Bo Gum to participate working in a house between a pile of snow.

Yoona had received approval as hard working and responsible part-timer as she done her work right in JTBC’s healing program called ‘Hyori’s Homestay 2’ that aired last night on 11th February 2018.

After welcoming the guest and keep them entertain. Yoona went to market with Lee Sang Soon. Lee Hyori had written everything that they need on the list and gave it to them but apparently Lee Sang Soon forgot something and ended up making Hyori a little bit upset.

image source: JTBC

After the grocery shopping, Yoona and Lee Sang Soon were a bit flustered by Lee Hyo Ri.

This time, Yoona’s cooking skill was also tested. Yoona is very confident in her cooking and with her interest in cooking, she made ‘Mille-Feuille Nabe’ for their dinned with Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon, and she also cooked abalone porridge to keep them warm this winter.

After finishing her chores and clean up, she once again gained an attention from Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon for her hard-work and skill. The couple also praised her for being a very good worker.

In the snowy day, the public hot spring finally opened and Yoona gladly welcome their guest with warm gestures. She also remember their name and took a few pictures with the guest to keep them entertain.

Yoona is also know for her dazzling beauty. Yoona woke up in the morning looking pretty like a flower that made Lee Hyo Ri said, “You’re beautiful. The beauty of the beauty” that made her smiling, it is amazing how Yoona’s beauty is looking dazzling to the other women.

image source: JTBC

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum appereance will definitely gain people’s attention. Through the next episode trailer video, Lee Sang Soon went to see who rang their bell door and when he saw Park Bo Gum, he said “Park Bo Gum came to our house!” and after hearing this, the stunned Hyori said, “that’s a lie” before she went outside and ran in the pile of snow to see Park Bo Gum. They finally met Park Bo Gum whom they will spend the rest of the winter together with.

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