Shin Ramyun: Spicy but Tasty

For everyone who enjoys Korean drama then you must be familiar with this instant noodle! This food often appears in various drama scenes. Usually, they enjoy this food together!

Image source: KBS

Shin Ramyun is one of the instant noodle brands in Korea. This product is released by Nongshim. Shin Ramyun is sold in cup and usual package.

If you like spicy food, Shin Ramyun is the best choice for you. For the seasonings, besides the dried vegetables, it also comes with dried mushrooms. The pepper also makes it a tad spicier than other instant noodles.

For the taste, Shin Ramyun offers the noodles that are chewier than other noodles. The soup is also full of flavor. If you like mushrooms, you can add shiitake mushrooms to the soup as well.

Shin Ramyun that gets imported to Indonesia is certified as Hallal, so you don’t have to worry about trying one!