Song Joong Ki, Seo In Guk and Kang Dong Won, The Men that Bring About Protective Instinct

It is impossible to ignore their desperate looks in the eyes. The men who bring about ‘protective instincts’ are continuously appearing in dramas and movies. From “A Werewolf Boy” Song Joong Ki to “Shopping King Louie” Seo In Guk and “Vanishing Time” Kang Dong Won, the men are grasping the attention of fans.

Song Joong Ki “A Werewolf Boy”

Song Joong Ki from the movie, “A Werewolf Boy”, is the originator of an actor with ‘protective instincts’. In the movie, Chul Soo the wolf boy (Song Joong Ki) follows Soon Yi (Park Bo Young) as if she were his mother. He does not know how to eat and control his powers. He depends on Soon Yi to learn how to live, read and write. Soon Yi also feels more grown-up when she teaches Chul Soo.

The love between the two is pictured as a fictional and beatiful one. Although the concept of a werewolf may be scary, Song Joong Ki gets rid of the bias with his acting and visuals. The first sentence of Chul Soo, which is “Do not go”, is still remembered by fans.

Seo In Guk “Shopping King Louie”

In the drama “Shopping King Louie”, Seo In Guk is the heir to a conglomerate, growing up with all the protection and the effort of many people. He experiences a car accident when he comes to meet his grandmother in Korea from France. That is when Seo In Guk meets Bok Sil (Nam Ji Hyun). His encounters with her enables him to change his perspectives on the entire world. His cute and lovely charms caught the eyes of not only Bok Sil, but also his fans.

Kang Dong Won “Vanishing Time”

Sung Min (Kang Dong Won) appears as an adult after dissappearing mysteriously in the movie, “Vanishing Time”. Soo Rin (Shin Eun Soo) is the only girl in the world to believe in Sung Min. Although the physical appearance of Kang Dong Won is that of an adult, his thinking and behavior remains as that of a child. This is why Soo Rin tries to protect Sung Min from the harsh world, displaying a friendship that goes over time.