Kim Min Suk: “At the Celebration of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Anniversary, Cried Seeing Jin Goo”

Kim Min Suk revealed his feeling after a year of the end of ‘Descendants of the Sun’.

Kim Min Suk revealed it in an interview on March 27.

Kim Min Suk delivered his thoughts about the filming of ‘Descendants of the Sun’. He said, “I forever live in ‘Descendants of the Sun’. Having a good time when filming in Taebaek. In ‘Defendant’, I filmed with Ha Yeon a lot. So I feel a bit lonely”.

Image source: Dazed

When he was asked whether he often met with the casts of ‘Descendants of the Sun’, Kim Min Suk replied, “It’s not easy to meet with the seniors who are busy with their own schedules. Recently, I came to the celebration of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ anniversary. I cried when I saw Jin Goo Hyung. He calmed me down and asked why did I cry. Maybe I was so touched to see him again”.

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