‘DMZ, Wild Secret’ PD Kim Jin Man: “I was Worried about Lee Min Ho’s Salary”

MBC’s new show ‘DMZ, Wild Secret’ held a conference press on March 29.

Image source: MBC

During the event, PD Kim Jin Man said, “I feel thankful for having Lee Min Ho in this show. To be honest, I became interested in Lee Min Ho after watching one of his outdoor advertisements, in which he looked completely innocent despite still radiating the metropolitan guy aura. That’s why I asked him to be the MC of this show. At first, I thought he was going to decline.”

He also revealed one interesting fact. “After contacting him, I suddenly got worrried about how much we should pay him. If we pay him according to his original rate, we would be losing half of our production cost.” The PD laughed. “Then Lee Min Ho said to just pay him according to our budget. We’re very thankful for that.”

Image source: MBC

‘DMZ, Wild Secret’ is a documentary show displaying the animals that live in untouchable nature wilderness. The prologue episode will be aired on April 3, and the rest of the episodes will be aired on June 5, 12, and 19.

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