Kwon Yool Continues to Play As An Antagonist Character in ‘Whisper’

Through ‘Whisper’, Kwon Yool is back to show his antagonist acting which he ever shows through ‘Let’s Fight Ghost’. However, this time there is something different which grabs the public’s attention.

Image source: SBS

In SBS ‘Whisper’ which was aired on 3rd April, the source behind the mess is revealed, Kang Jung Il (Kwon Yool).

In this episode, Kang Jung Il is revealed to be the suspect behind the death of Reporter Kim Sung Sik. His relationship with Choi Soo Yeon is also exposed which adds the thrill to this drama.

Kwon Yool depicts the cold Kang Jung Il really well. Previously, he ever played as an antagonist in tvN’s ‘Let’s Fight Ghost’. He played as Joo Hye Sung and showed an exceptional acting skill as a psychopath.

Image source: tvN

Joo Hye Sung pretended to be nice to Bong Pal (Taecyeon) and Hyun Ji (Kim Soo Hyun) then when his identity was revealed, he changed and showed his evil personality which would definitely make the audience shivered.

Kwon Yool shows his enthusiasm as an antagonist character starting from ‘Let’s Fight Ghost’ to ‘Whisper’. ‘Whisper’ which has aired its third episode is surely making the audience curious about the story.

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