Park Bo Young and Park Bo Gum are Two Entertainers People Most Want to Work for Them

Park Bo Young and Park Bo Gum ranked first as the entertainers that companies want to be their employees.

This result was yielded from a survey in which the participants were 679 company owners (CEO) in Korea. Most of the CEOs answered that they want Park Bo Young and Park Bo Gum to work for them.

Image source: JTBC

In the female celebrities category, Park Bo Young ranked first with 31,2%, followed by Kang Sora with 18,1%, Seol Hyun with 8,1%, Shim Eun Kyung 7,7%, Suzy 6,5%, and Kim Yoo Jung 4,6%.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum ranked first in the male category with 27,5%, followed by Kang Ha Neul with 20,6%, Park Hyung Sik 12,1%, Yoo Seung Ho 11%, Yook Sung Jae 6,8%, and Seo Kang Joon 4,6%.

Image source: KBS

As much as 45,5% respondents said that the reason they chose the celebrities they wanted were because those celebrities are well known to have a good attitude and personality. Around 40,6% respondents believe the celebrities would do a good job in their companies, and 32,5% said having celebrities work for them would bring a positive work atmosphere. Lastly, 16,3% respondents think celebrities would make great employees.

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