Lee Joon Gi and Jun Hye Bin’s Relationship Created Controversy Regarding Variety Show

As more and more variety shows presenting stories of people doing real life activities and creating real life relationships are being made, accentuating that ‘these are the real sides of celebrities that you have seen on TV’, how should viewers differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake from a star’s performance?

Image source: tvN

Lee Joon Ki and Jun Hye Bin finally confirmed their relationship on April 4 after denying it for a while. The two of them had been rumored to be dating since 2015. However, a few days ago, their dating pictures were revealed to public, and they finally relented and admitted their relationship. Their agency, Namoo Actors, said, “The two started dating since the beginning of last year.”

Rather than being congratulated for their relationship, the couple is faced with a controversy. This is because Lee Joon Ki recently appeared in tvN’s variety show ‘My Ear’s Candy 2’, in which he is paired with actress Park Min Young. Though this ‘candy phone’-themed program emphasizes the couple’s relationship as soulmate rather than lovers, viewers already fell for their sweet chemistry.

Image source: tvN

But then of course Lee Joon Ki’s admission regarding his relationship with his actual girlfriend, Jun Hye Bin, ruined the whole thing. Airing Lee Joon Ki and Park Min Young’s special episode of ‘My Ear’s Candy 2’ is seen as a waste, and so the team cancelled the show. Fans also doubt Lee Joon Ki’s sincerity for this show. This kind of incident has happened a lot of times, and public in general are starting to lose their faith in the validity of variety shows.

This controversy gives rise to an important question: Should variety shows be allowed to reveal the ‘real sides’ of celebrities, or should they only focus in entertaining viewers?

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