‘Radiant Office’: Will Ha Suk Jin Act as Go Ah Sung’s Knight in Shining Armor?

In the 8th episode of ‘Radiant Office’, Seo Woo Jin (Ha Suk Jin) had finally found out Eun Ho Won (Go Ah Sung)’s biggest secret.

Image source: MBC

In this episode, Seo Woo Jin assigned Eun Ho Won and Do Ki Taek the responsibility to make price catalogs. Eun Ho Won worked until late at night to finish the job, but she was not able to hide her sleepiness and fell asleep. Without her knowing, Woo Jin wanted to give his jacket to cover Ho Won’s sleeping figure. Out of the blue, Ho Won suddenly jerked awake, and Woo Jin instantly hid himself under a table. Realizing that she was covered in Woo Jin’s jacket, Ho Won tried to call the guy. She was surprised to hear his phone rang from under the table.

Feeling ashamed, Woo Jin acted as if he was looking for something. In the end, he only smiled to himself after realizing his foolish act. A romantic atmosphere occurred between him and Ho Won.

Image source: MBC

Seo Woo Jin then found out about Ho Won’s condition from Do Ki Taek. Do Ki Taek, who was drunk at that time, called Ho Won while sobbing, recalling Ho Won’s suffering in the past, and said, “You should be brought to the hospital.” Ki Taek did not know that the one who picked up the phone was Woo Jin. “What’s more important than a matter of life and death?” Said Ki Taek on the phone. “Go to the hospital to find out more about your disease? You should have more time to live. Is everyone who’s told that they only have a few months to live will absolutely die?” Woo Jin was shocked to hear Ki Taek’s rambling.

How will Woo Jin react after knowing this fact? Will he act as Ho Won’s knight in shining armor, or the opposite?

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