Kang Gary and Lee Joon Ki’s Controversies Demonstrate the Dilemma Entertainers Have Regarding Their Love Life

Kang Gary and Lee Joon Ki are two men who are currently in love. Gary has recently announced his marriage with a non-celebrity woman, while Lee Joon Ki finally admitted his relationship with actress Jun Hye Bin. However, the two men are faced with controversies as some people are now calling them ‘The examples of how fake the entertainment industry is’.

Gary surprised not only his fans, but also his colleagues with his sudden marriage announcement. Even his agency was not aware of Gary’s super private wedding.

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Fans are disappointed because when he was still involved in SBS’ variety show Running Man, Gary was often paired up with his co-star Song Ji Hyo. A lot of people ship this couple, and the two of them even earned the nickname ‘Monday Couple’. In addition, when he appeared in a tv program last November, Gary admitted that questions regarding marriage make him uncomfortable. Thus, fans are shocked to hear the rapper suddenly announcing his marriage.

Only a day before Gary’s marriage announcement came out, Lee Joon Ki also surprised Korean public by admitting his relationship with actress Jun Hye Bin. After denying their dating rumors over and over, the couple confessed that they “Have started dating since the beginning of 2016.”

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People congratulated this couple for their relationship, yet a lot of them also expressed their disappointment because Lee Joon Ki is currently appearing in tvN’s reality show ‘My Ear’s Candy 2’, in which he is paired up with actress Park Min Young. Though this reality show united them as ‘Ear’s Candy’ rather than virtual couple, Lee Joon Ki had successfully captured fans’ hearts by showing his romantic side. However, after knowing that the actor is actually dating another person in real life, people felt uncomfortable watching him and Park Min Young in the show.

TV shows often pair up celebrities with another celebrity because it brings great marketing impact. On the other side, celebrities consider their appearance in variety/reality shows as mere ‘work’, therefore, it’s quite impossible for them to actually ‘fall in love’ with their made-up partners.

However, people think celebrities got to be more careful of their actions because their every move is going to be dissected. This is especially true if the celebrity has a ‘virtual partner’ on TV. These controversies present a dilemma for tv programs that claim themselves to be presenting ‘reality’ in their show.

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