‘High Cut’ Lee Hyun Woo, “Joy is the Closest Person to Me At the Filming Location”

The 5 members of ‘The Liar and His Lover’ boy band did a photo shoot together.

Image source: High Cut

The members which include Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Seo Won, Sung Joo, Shin Je Min, and Chang Ki Yong showed a charming image in the ‘High Cut’ magazine photo shoot. The photo shoot showed a cheerful atmosphere. They appeared in a casual concept with blue background and school look style also boys scout concept. Shoulder line became the main point of this photo shot.

Image source: High Cut

Lee Hyun Woo who previously participated in OST movie ‘Secretly Greatly’ also participated in the soundtrack of this drama. “I like songs, not clever in singing. (In this soundtrack, he will fill the rap part) the rap part which I do is more like a narration”, said him. When he was asked which member he’s closest to, he answered, “Joy. It cannot be denied. Because we often meet”.

Image source: High Cut

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