‘Whisper’: Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young’s First Kiss

The 5th episode of ‘Whisper’ showed Lee Dong Joon (Lee Sang Yoon) getting stabbed with a knife.

In this episode, Lee Dong Joon found out that Kang Jung Il had caught Shin Young Joo (Lee Bo Young), and then he threatened Choi Soo Yeon. Choi Soo Yeon had always drunk the tea that Young Joo prepared for him everyday, but that day, Young Joo put some drugs in the tea based on Dong Joon’s order. Reluctantly, Kang Jung Il had to release Shin Young Joo.

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Choi Il Hwan told Dong Joon to leave Young Joo, but Kang Jung Il tried to team up with Young Joo. Young Joo’s heart wavered after knowing that Dong Joon would leave her. However, until the end, Dong Joon did not betray Young Joo. Dong Joon tried with all his might to get Shin Chang Ho out of the prison so he could have surgery.

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Dong Joon went to meet Park Hyun Soo and Baek Sang Goo. He planned to catch Sang Goo with Hyun Soo’s help, but Hyun Soo, who was jealous of Dong Joon and Young Joo’s relationship, ended up leaving him alone.

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Shin Young Joo arrived at the crime scene before the police came, but unfortunately, Dong Joon already got stabbed with a knife. Young Joo and Dong Joo tried to get away from Baek Sang Goo. At that moment, Young Joo tried to cover Dong Joon’s heavy breathing by kissing him so that they would not get covered.

Can Shin Young Joo help Lee Dong Joon after he got stabbed with a knife?

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