‘The Liar and His Lover’ Lee Seo Won is Charmed by Joy

tvN’s Mon-Tue drama, ‘the Liar and His Lover’ episode 8 (11/4) showed Seo Chan Young (Lee Seo Won)’s feelings toward Yoon So Rim (Joy).

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Seo Chan Young reminded Kang Han Gyeol (Lee Hyun Woo) that Yoon So Rim’s debut song would be produced by him. Seo Chan Young who knew that Yoon So Rim rejected Kang Han Gyeol’s song said to him, “I know So Rim has rejected your song. I will prove you. Now she has chosen me. So, please stop meddling”. Choi Jin Hyuk as the agency’s representative had chosen Seo Chan Young’s song and gave Kang Han Gyeol’s song to Chae Yoo Na.

Image source: tvN

Yoon So Rim who knew that the song Kang Han Gyeol made for her would be given to Chae Yoo Na then cried. She went to meet Kang Han Gyeol to ask him about it. Kang Han Gyeol knew about Choi Jin Hyuk’s plan, but he said to Yoon So Rim, “Do you hate it that I give the song to Yoo Na? If so, then will you sing it? I won’t give it to Yoo Na if you are willing to sing it”. However, Yoon So Rim said that she couldn’t sing it because she had promised to be loyal to Seo Chan Young. Then Kang Han Gyeol left her alone because he was sad that the person he liked rejected his own song.

Image source: tvN

When he realized his mistakes and tried to run after Yoon So Rim, he saw Seo Chan Young with her. Yoon So Rim cried in Seo Chan Young’s arms and Kang Han Gyeol was frozen in place. Now their triangle love story is getting interesting! Will Kang Han Gyeol and Yoon So Rim be able to protect their love and get their own happy ending? The public cannot wait to see more!

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