Go Jun Hee is Spotted in Paris

Actress Go Jun Hee is seen in Paris.

Go Jun Hee just recently goes to Paris to do a photoshoot for a magazine and she seems to not lose her unique fashion sense as well.

Image source: DIMACO

Go Jun Hee is wearing a simple pullover coat which she mixes with skinny jeans that complement her blue-striped shirt. She is also showing an expression just like a fashionista.

Among everything that Go Jun Hee wears, the coat is the key to why Go Jun Hee looks dazzling. Her Burberry coat which has a soft color is displaying a luxurious look. Plus, the blue-striped shirt which she wears beneath it also adds a classic look to Go Jun Hee’s overall appearance.

Image source: DIMACO

Meanwhile, Go Jun Hee just recently moved to YG Entertainment which adds her fans expectation toward her.

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