[RANK AND TALK] 3 Korean Idols Who Are Obsessed with Online Game

With so many routines to do, Korean idols often do their hobby when they get spare time. One of the hobbies that loved by the male idol is playing online games. Here are 3 male idols who are obsessed and good at playing online games.

1. Heechul Super Junior

Image Source: CHIC

By earning a Diamond Tire rating in League of Legends, it is undeniable that Heechul is one of the most pro idol gamers in the Kpop world. His love for the game, especially the game ‘LoL’ can be seen on several variety shows. One of them when Heechul starred in reality show program ‘Insolent Housemates’ with GFRIEND. In the broadcast, Heechul often played the game ‘LoL’ when there was no schedule to fill the event. Heechul also had the opportunity to play games against pro team of SK Telcom.

2. Baekhyun EXO

Image Source: Singles

This EXO member is also a game lover. Baekhyun often plays the game ‘LoL’ along with his agency’s senior Heechul. Baekhyun has his own ‘LoL’ event named ‘Baekhyun’s LoL-LERCOASTER’. Although not as good as Heechul, many people acknowledged that he has a quick reaction and smart tactics. Baekhyun also often plays the game ‘LoL’ along with other EXO members.

3. Doojoon Highlight

Image Source: InStyle

The leader of Highlight is not only good at playing soccer, but he also is an expert at online gaming who has a talent above average. Unlike Heechul and Baekhyun who play the game ‘LoL’, Doojoon plays an online game ‘Overwatch’. His skill when playing ‘Overwatch’ has been recognized and appreciated by other idol group members. Gongchan of B1A4 mentioned Yoon Doojoon’s name among the ‘Overwatch’ players who have great skill among the idols.