The Secret Behind Yoona, Lee Sung Kyung, and Park Shin Hye’s Glowing Skin

Yoona, Lee Sung Kyung, and Park Shin Hye are known to have a fair and radiant skin. Whenever they go, with or without makeup, their skin glows just like what the women are dreaming of.

They have beautiful flawless skin, that’s for sure, but what’s the secret behind their healthy skin?

Yoona – Simple Makeup

Image Source : Innisfree

Using ‘moisturizer’ is one of Yoona’s ways to keep her skin stay healthy and flawless. Dry skin requires a lot of products to moisturize it. Don’t use too much foundation, mascara, blush on and others, use them adequately.

Generally, celebrities might have dry skin because they often do filming under a strong lighting and they often remain in their car to wait for their turn. Moisturizer is easier to be absorbed by the skin when the skin is clean and bare. Put it on once or twice a week and balance it with a very minimum use of makeup products.

Lee Sung Kyung – Moisturizing Makeup

Image Source : Laneige

Cleansing the skin thoroughly is one of the basic things which actresses do. Lee Sung Kyung uses a moisturizing cream after cleansing her face, but when summer comes, she uses a refreshing cream, and in winter she uses a richer moisturizing cream.

During the day, the cream will smear faster, so put on a bit more of the moisturizer at night. If the cream alone is not enough to moisturize your skin, use a face mask or wash your face to give it nutrients and moisturizes it.

Park Shin Hye – Cleansing Thoroughly

Image Source : Holika Holika

The most important thing of taking care of the skin is to clean the face thoroughly off the makeup. While waiting to do a filming, Park Shin Hye uses her skin care products while cleansing her face at that moment. It is important to clean up the makeup without damaging or risking the skin to get irritation and to clean it in a short time because if not, it can cause the skin to lose its moisture. So use a facial cleanser that is able to remove makeup quickly and cleanly.

In Park Shin Hye’s case, when cleaning her makeup, she uses a cleanser that suits her skin condition. However, using a mask too often or more than 5-10 minutes will lessen the effects on our skin.