The Secret Behind Park Bo Young and Tae Yeon’s Clear Skin

It’s time to brighten your skin in this spring season! White skin is easy to get burnt, but white and clean skin can be obtained in several ways. We will share skin care and make-up tips from Park Bo Young and Taeyeon!

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The Basics of Whitening Skin

The first skin care that needs to be done in spring is removing the dead skin. No matter how good the cosmetics you have, the best results will not be visible if the dead skin cells are still there. The best time to remove dead skin is 2 times a week. You can do this by using facial peeling products.

Make Moisturizer As a Compulsory Cosmetic

Not only whitening our skin, moisturizer is also useful to moisturize our face. Not only repairing and improving our skin color, but it also removes and prevents dirt on the face. It helps us in whitening our skin.

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Use sunscreen before going out

Exposure to UV rays can be the cause of dark spots. In spring, when exposed directly to the sun, you need to be careful because UV rays can damage our skin in a short time.

Drink A lot of Water and Vitamins

One of the most important things to do to have white and clean skin is to drink water. Experts advise drinking 2 liters of water a day. Don’t drink it directly, but drink it when you are thirsty.

Taking vitamins is also good. Vitamins can prevent black spots and wrinkles on our face.