The Success of ‘Tunnel’ Creates ‘Choi Jin Hyuk Syndrome’?

OCN’s weekend drama scores more than 5% viewers rating and gets support from international fans.

The overall rating of ‘Tunnel’ 8th episode reaches more than 5,2% which makes the drama to continue leading on the top ranking. The viewers of ‘Tunnel’ topic on weibo also reaches more than 2,8 million (the overall number on April 18) and it makes the drama becomes a hot topic.

Image source: OCN

Moreover, ‘Tunnel’ is also aired in various digital platforms outside the country such as in America through Dramafever and Viki, and in Southeast Asia (Viu), and in Taiwan iQiyi, and more. This helps the drama to become even popular.

Image source: OCN

Choi Jin Hyuk’s agency said, “Thank you for making ‘Tunnel’ to become a ‘power ticket’ for Choi Jin Hyuk”.

‘Tunnel’ is a crime investigation drama about a case from 30 years which was handled by Park Gwang Ho who traveled to the present day (2017) to look for the real suspect in a serial murder case in 1980. It is a drama which combines the story from the past and the future.

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