Lee Min Ho to Start His Military Service on May 12 in Gangnam

Lee Min Ho will start his military program in May.

According to his agency, Lee Min Ho will begin his mandatory military program on May 12 at Gangnam district office, Seoul as a public servant. Under the terms of military conscription, the compulsory military program begins with each new member to be put in the training center for 1 year and then they will undergo the basic training for approximately 4 weeks.

Image source: EIDER

Lee Min Ho had a car accident in 2006, so he suffered a serious injury and had to be treated for 1 year. Not long after that, a car accident repeated in 2011 when Lee Min Ho was filming SBS drama ‘City Hunter’ which caused him to be released from his army duties and only worked in the public service.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho has been widely known after starring in SBS drama ‘The Legend of The Blue Sea’ in January. Recently, Lee Min Ho appeared as a presenter or a narrator in a documentary program, ‘DMZ THE WILD’. His appearance this time attracted a lot of praises because he’s not being paid at all.

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