Park Hyung Sik Enjoys His Holiday in Bali

Actor Park Hyung Sik uploaded a picture of himself in Bali. On April 22, Park Hyung Sik posted a picture on his personal Instagram with the caption, “thanks to everyone I can enjoy my time in Bali. Thank you. I love you!”

In the picture, Park Hyung Sik is seen enjoying his spare time under the warm sunlight of Bali. Park Hyung Sik is wearing a hat and black sunglasses, showing his enthusiasm and his flowing visual.

Image source: Instagram

On April 20, because of the success of ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, Park Hyung Sik and the staffs and the rest of the casts are going to Bali, Indonesia for six days four nights.

On April 15, the last episode of the drama gains a lot of love from the viewers and also scores the best rating that JTBC ever attained.

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