Hyo Rin, Zico, and Baek Hyun Top the Music Charts

Hyo Rin, Baek Hyun, and Zico top the charts! This is a precious week for the members of the idol group who are going solo.

Image Source : Starship

In Genie’s weekly chart in April, the top position belongs to Sistar Hyorin’s ‘Blue Moon’. This new song is her collaboration with Rapper Changmoo in a trendy EDM music.

Image Source : KQ Entertainment

The second place falls to BLOCK B’s Zico with his song, ‘She’s a Baby’. This is an R&B song which applied a gentle sensibility just like his previous songs, ‘I Am You, You Are Me’ and ‘It Was Love’. ZICO has expanded the spectrum of music as a solo artist beyond the intense hip-hop style that BLOCK B has.

Image Source : Loen Fave Entertainment

The third place is filled with IU and Oh Hyuk with ‘Can’t Love You Anymore’. This song expresses the tiredness of a person who has been showing their love. It has been topping Genie weekly charts for two weeks in a row.

Image Source : SM Entertainment

There is EXO Baek Hyun with his new song ‘Take You Home’ on the fourth place. After releasing his solo song two years ago, Baekhyun got a good response on the music charts with his unique and gentle voice.

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