Do You Want To Get A Healthy Skin Just Like Krystal, Yoona, and Suzy? Follow These Tips!

What are the similarities between your favorite idols? They are all pretty, of course, but they also have their own charms. Jessica, Yoona, and Suzy have their own charms such as the innocent image, sweet image, or sexy image. But they also share similarities as well: they have flawless and bright skin.

Do you want to have a beautiful skin just like Jessica, Suzy, and Yoona? Here CastKo will give you some tips to gain a clear and glowing skin just like these idols!

1. Krystal f(x): Use Moisturizer Cream

Image source: ETUDE HOUSE

Not only having a beautiful voice, Krystal also has a beautiful skin. She is known to have a tight routine to take care of her beautiful skin just like right now. Krystal who is Jessica Jung’s sister shares her tips on taking care her skin, by using moisturizing cream every day.

2. Yoona: Cleansing

Image source: innisfree

Girls’ Generation’s idol group members are notorious for being the top girl group in Korea, not only that, they are also famous for their beautiful skin especially Yoona who attracts the fans with her beautiful charm.

If you want to get a healthy skin like Yoona, the first thing to note is to wash your face with a face soap. Especially, if you’re away on holiday in a cold country, you should keep your skin moisturized. We recommend you to choose a facial soap that consists of vegetable extracts which are a good nutrition for the skin and it can make your face feels softer.

3. Suzy: Night Treatment

Image source: THEFACESHOP

Miss A is famous as a group whose members have beautiful skin in the entertainment industry within the country. If you want to get a beautiful skin like Suzy, then you should have a night treatment continuously before going to bed.

For the night treatment, you can use a sleeping mask or a night cream which can be absorbed into your skin while you are sleeping. Do this routinely then you will feel the effect in the morning.

How? Easy right? Just do usual treatments diligently then you can have a beautiful skin just like them!