Lee Dong Wook and Lee Sang Yoon, The Lee Duo Who are Stealing Japanese Fans’ Hearts

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Sang Yoon are currently gaining attention among Japanese fans.

Lee Dong Wook will have his ‘For My Dear’ Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Narima Culture Center, Tokyo, on June 30th. Lee Sang Yoon will also greet his fans through a fan meeting that will be held in Shinagawa Intercity Hall, Tokyo, on July 30th.

Image source: KBS

The two actors will greet their fans to promote their dramas.

Lee Dong Wook is currently gaining huge popularity as ‘Goblin’ has started airing in MNet Japan since March 17. His role as the adorable and hilarious ‘Grim Reaper’ is widely loved by many Japanese fans.

Image source: KBS

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yoon’s drama, ‘On the Way to the Airport’, which ended in Korea November last year, is also currently airing in Japan. The drama is quite popular since its theme is ‘infidelity’, something that is rare among Japanese dorama. However, Lee Sang Yoon’s portrayal of his character successfully made a lot of people sympathize with him.

The two actors have similarities: Both of them are highly successful because their dramas are airing in Japanese TV, and they will come to the country to have their respective fan meetings. In the occasion, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Sang Wook will share stories, play games, and shake hands with their fans.

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