The ‘Uniform’ Trend Among Boy Groups Ft. EXO, Block B, and BTS

The trending boy groups nowadays don’t appear with hip hop styles only, but they also try various styles. However, one of the trends among these boy groups is the school uniform concept.

The members who appear with this kind of concept, of course, look even more charming.

Image source: SM entertainment

‘EXO’ Growl
EXO transformed into a real man through their hit song, ‘Growl’, in their first album. The album itself also has a school concept and they also wear school uniform in their performances which successfully stole their fans’ heart.

Especially, the gray school uniforms that EXO wear on their album and video clips are typical Japanese school uniforms, military school uniforms, dark blue school uniforms, and another type of uniforms which make their fans enjoying their look.

Image source: KBS

Block B ‘Very Good’

Block B’s appearance in ‘Very Good’ shows a different strong charm from the other groups, called as ‘the glowing look’.

Their appearance reminded the fans of Japanese drama, ‘Gokusen’ with red, gray, and other colors. Block B is showing their unique charm through this various colors.

Image source: Big Hit Entertainment

BTS ‘Boy in Luv’

“I want to be your Oppa” and other memorable lyrics must remind us to the school uniform which BTS wore in ‘Boy in Luv’ that showed their masculine charm. The song which was released in 2014, ‘Boy in Luv’, showed the seven members of the group wearing the school uniform which is able to steal the women’s heart through their masculine appearance.

BTS displayed a various variation of school uniforms while performing ‘Boy in Luv’. A white school shirt with a tie certainly shows their charisma while wearing the school uniform. Their various look is certainly an interesting concept.

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