Son Naeun, Seolhyun, adn Yoona’s Pink Makeup

A bright pink makeup is becoming a trend in the spring season.

Image source: Innisfree

The pink colored makeup blends perfectly with the warm weather and it looks good paired with simple clothes. Now it’s time to leave a thick makeup and switch to bright pink makeup.

First, use a toning cream all over the face that will give a bright result. To enhance your bright skin, use a little concealer.

Image source: Max Movie

Then thicken your eyebrows with the color that matches your hair color so it will give a natural look. Afterward, use a dark color eyeshadow on the eyelid following the eye fold line. Reduce the use of eyeliner and use mascara instead so your eyes will look clean and clear.

Lastly, use a pink lip tint and this everyday makeup is finished.

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