Gong Yoo Confessed He Missed the ‘Goblin’ Casts?

Actor Gong Yoo expressed his feelings about the casts in tvN’s ‘Goblin’. Before Gong Yoo did a fan meeting in Taiwan on April 28, he held a press conference with the local media.

Image Source : Taiwan Press Conference

That day, Gong Yoo talked about Lee Dong Wook, “when I was in the military together with him, I thought he was a really cool guy, then we worked together in the drama ‘Goblin’, I’m getting more and more convinced that he’s a good person,” he said.

Gong Yoo also poured his feelings, “while filming ‘Goblin’, I can produce something nice because the actors work well and care about each other. Now, everyone is busy and I cannot reach him, I miss them.”

Image Source : Taiwan Press Conference

Gong Yoo also added, “everyone in ‘Goblin’ seems to work well because of their sincerity to produce good things, especially Lee Dong Wook, the actor who has many considerations about me, and because he is my old friend, collaborating with him is really fun”, showing his compliments toward Lee Dong Wook.

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