Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo’s First Meeting in ‘My Sassy Girl’ First Teasers

SBS’ upcoming drama that will start airing this month, ‘My Sassy Girl’, has released its first video teaser.

In ‘My Sassy Girl’, Gyun Woo (Joo Won) is a Joseon free-spirited city guy who meets Princess Hye Myeong (Oh Yeon Seo), a beautiful yet strange girl.

Image Source : SBS

In the video, Gyun Woo said, “I don’t know what they want, but I know that they’ll threaten Mother again,” increasing public’s curiosity toward the real relationship between the two main leads.

In addition, a bloodlinging scene in the video teaser revealed a heavy story and a majestic scale of shooting. The heavyweight story and the action scenes in ‘My Sassy Girl’ are expected to be balanced with its comical side.

Image Source : SBS

‘My Sassy Girl’ is a 100% pre-produced drama depicting the love and romance between two Joseon youth, with palace environment as its background.

‘My Sassy Girl’ will start airing on May 29th, in replacement of ‘Whisper’.

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