Do Kyung Soo, YoonA, Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung: The Winners of Baeksang’s Popularity Award

The winners for Baeksang Art Popularity Award have been chosen.

For 22 days, from April 7 to April 28, the 53rd Baeksang Art Award had an online voting which allows public to choose the winners for Film and TV Popularity Awards’ categories. The voting was closed on April 28, and netizen could already see the end result.

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The Film Popularity categories are won by Do Kyung Soo (‘My Annoying Brother’) and YoonA (‘Confidential Assignment’), while the TV Popularity awards will be given to Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung (both starred in ‘Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds’). The four winners are confirmed to be attending the event, which will be held today at COEX D Hall, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The Selection Process for Popularity Awards

The first phase of Popularity Awards is a survey to determine the nominations. This process is done by several jurors from the entertainment industry, so that every aspect of the industry could be represented. From March 15 to 24, about 26 PDs that are included in Korean Contents Agency as well as 28 other figures, ranging from directors, scriptwriters, critics, distributors, until producers, gave their insights to which actors/actress should receive the nominations for Best Acting Award, Best Supporting Actor, and New Acting Award. The top names from those three awards are then included in the Popularity Awards.

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The Baeksang Art’s Secretary said, “All of the actors that are nominated as part of the industry’s practitioners have one similarity: They’re the ones who have given their best performance last year. We believe that these actors have done their best to communicate with public through their acting, and that’s why they are greatly loved by all of us. Those who receive the highest vote from the preliminary questionnaire phase are chosen as the Popularity Awards nominee. There are 20 candidates for each category, and the voting was done 100% online.”

Winners of Popuarity Awards: Do Kyung Soo, YoonA, Park Bo Gum, and Kim Yoo Jung

In the movie category, the most popular male award is won by Do Kyung Soo with 75.25% votes, while the most popular female is won by YoonA with 92.11%.

This is the second year for DO to win the Popularity Award. This year, he’s also nominated in the New Acting Award category for his performance in ‘My Annoying Brother’.

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This is also YoonA’s second time to win the Popularity Award. In the 46th Baeksang Art, YoonA won the TV Popularity Award for her drama, ‘Cinderella Man’. With more than 92% percentage, YoonA won with the highest number of vote for the last 7 years. This year, she won the Popularity Award once again for her debut movie, ‘Confidential Assignment’.

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Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung won in the TV Popularity Awards for their roles in ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ with 60,89% and 62,2% voting. This means public still love the drama and the actors even months after ‘Moonlight’ ended last October. The awards will surely make a great present for fans who have been supporting them and choosing them as winners. On another note, Park Bo Gum is also nominated for the Best Actor category. Will he go home tonight with two awards instead of only one?

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