Kyu Hyun Will Release ‘Goodbye For Now’ a Day before Entering the Army

Kyu Hyun is going to release a single titled ‘Goodbye For Now’ on May 24.

The maknae of Super Junior is releasing ‘Goodbye For Now’ on May 24 at 6PM KST on various online music chart.

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‘Goodbye For Now’, which will be dropped in Korea, China, and Japan at the same time, is Kyu Hyun’s last single before entering the army on May 25. The song is predicted to be a global hit.

As Kyu Hyun has been busy with his variety show activities, fans have been waiting for him to release a new single.

Meanwhile, the singer is also going to have a fan meeting titled ‘The Day We Meet Again’ on May 20 at 6PM KST in Kyung Hee University, Seoul.

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