3 Unique Cafes in Korea

In Korea, there are a lot of unique and interesting local coffee shops. Not only tastes good, but the decoration of the unique place makes us feel at home. Café in Korea is also arguably the right Instagramable places for you who want to beautify the feed in Instagram. Here are the unique cafes in Korea.

  1. Stylenanda Pink Hotel & Pink Pool Café
Image Source : Anak Jajan

As the name implies, this place is full of pink color! Pink lovers definitely feel at home in this place. This pink-shaded place is located in Myeongdong, Seoul. Actually the building consists of 6 floors is not only contains café. But there is a laundy and Spa (makeup room). Do not be fooled by the name, because this Stylenanda is a famous brand whose contents there are makeup and other fashion objects but in the design as if the hotel. The place really gemes and can make visitors do not want to go home. Moreover there is a café located in the rooftop and perfect for relaxing.

  1. Sheep Café
Image Source : SNS.

Another unique place is Sheep Café. In some countries, there is a café that allows us to play with animals in it like cat café or dog café. But the uniqueness of this place is, the animals served are lamb! This sheep also has fluffy, clean, thick and friendly with visitors. So do not worry about going to the sheep because it is guaranteed to be safe. This café has also been the location of filming We Got Married.

  1. Princess Diary Café
Image Source : SNS

Familiar with its name? Perhaps Princess Diary Café is inspired by Princess Diary films played by Anna Hathway. In this café, the dream of being a princess we can realize! Here there is a place to rent a dress and dress up a la princess while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Everything is still neat, clean, and well groomed. This place is located near Ewha Women’s University.