The Women Who Got Married in 2017

Amidst the news about actress Sung Yu Ri’s secret wedding, this year many beautiful female stars have held their wedding.

Through ‘Sung Yu Ri Sarangbang’ fan cafe, Sung Yu Ri posted her own handwritten letter. “Right now I’m starting a new life with my partner. I will live happily with respect and carefulness”, Sung Yu Ri stated whilst also revealing the news about her marriage.

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“I can be like this because my closest people who always make happy memories with me, I will never forget it, I can’t lose my confidence and self-esteem even when I’m facing a hard time”, Sung Yu Ri expressed her feelings to the fans.

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Last February, actress Kim Tae Hee and Rain held their wedding ceremony and officially become a married couple. After dating for 5 years, Kim Tae Hee and Rain decided to get married and are currently reported enjoying their newlyweds days.

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Then Yoon Jin Seo also held her marriage last month on Jeju Island. She has now joined the group of women who are married in 2017. Yoon Jin Seo married her lover whom she met through her hobby, surfing. The couple held a simple wedding ceremony in her hometown on Jeju Island.

Actress Cha Ye Ryun and Kim So Yeon will also join the group of married women this month and next month respectively. This year, a lot of beautiful stars who have been attracting public’s attention are holding their marriage.

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