Kim Min Seok, Gong Chan, and Yang Yo Seob Denied The Dating Rumor Involving Their Names

Lately, many celebrities are disturbed with the dating rumor that involves their names.

Image source: The Celebrity

On May 2nd, actor Kim Min Suk was rumored to have a relationship with actress Oh Yeon Seo because someone saw them enjoying a date at a cinema. Kim Min Suk’s agency responded, “the rumor isn’t true. They don’t even exchange phone number”. Oh Yeon Seo’s agency also conveyed a similar confirmation, “we have asked Oh Yeon Seo for confirmation, and she mentioned that they don’t know each other”.

Image source: THE STAR

Afterward, B1A4 Gong Chan and actress Jung Hye Sung are also reported to be dating. The news became a hot topic because Jung Hye Sung is still tied to MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ show, where she became Gong Myung’s wife. Gong Chan’s agency explained, “they don’t have any relationship at all. Gong Chan also stated the same thing. Jung Hye Sung is just one of his friends”. Jung Hye Sung’s agency agreed, “the news is not true.”

Image source: 1st Look

The dating rumor between HIGHLIGHT Yang Yo Seob and actress Shin Go Eun also ended in just five minutes. The reason is because there is no photo evidence to justify the news. The agency of both artists also denied the gossip.

Lately, there are a lot of rumor about the stars dating, but the news can be quickly proven as false. This, of course, makes the celebrities and also the public feel disturbed. Moreover, the dating rumor can make the stars who actually never knew each other at all, like Kim Min Suk and Oh Yeon Seo, feel embarrassed.

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