Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo Promoted ‘My Sassy Girl’ on ‘Cultwo Show’

Actor Joo Won and actress Oh Yeon Seo, who are of the same age, will have to perform a romantic chemistry in SBS’ new drama, ‘My Sassy Girl’.

The two of them appeared on SBS’ Radio Power FM ‘Cultwo Show’ on May 27 to promote the drama. In the show, Oh Yeon Seo said, “On set, we had a very good chemistry. The production crew even asked ‘Have you met each other before?’. In reality, we haven’t. But we quickly became good friends after the first meeting.”

Image source: SBS

Joo Won also said a few things about Oh Yeon Seo. “Actresses tend to stay away from flour-based food. However, Yeon Seo likes ramen noodles and eats it often. I found it amazing.” Oh Yeon Seo then revealed, “One day, I accidentally ate ramen and slept afterward. I feel so much cuter when I’m chubby, which happens because I often eat ramen at night.”

Joo Won also talked briefly about entering the army, “Every men will undergo the same thing. I’m currently experiencing so many feelings regarding my military service.” Then the DJ of the Cultwo Show asked Oh Yeon Seo, “Are you going to visit him in the army?” Which the actress answered with, “I plan to visit him with a hanbok if ‘My Sassy Girl’ scores more than 20% rating. If it does not go beyond that, then I will not go,” She said with a laugh.

Oh Yeon Seo and Joo Won will perform in SBS’ ‘My Sassy Girl’, which will premiere on the 29th of May at 22:00.

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