Kim So Hyun’s Character in ‘Ruler’, the Confident and Smart Joseon Girl Crush

In the drama ‘Ruler – Master of the Mask’, Kim So Hyun plays a Joseon era girl crush named Han Ga Eun.

Image Source : MBC

Han Gae Eun, who is not feminine, has a passionate and positive nature. In the previous episodes, Han Ga Eun asked Yang Soo Chung (Bureu of Water Supply) to return the money to the people in the market. Disguising herself as a man, Han Ga Eun intended to meet the Chief Merchant to help her citizens pay debts to Yang Soo Chung. She traveled long and long.

With Kim So Hyun’s male-like voice, her unusual ingenuity will certainly make her charisma appear. Her natural acting also brings a good looks in the drama. Her character, who always thinks of others first, makes her a female lead character that is different from most drama female leads who are usually annoying. Although her body is small, Han Ga Eun is a strong and tough figure, earning herthe nickname of ‘the Joseon era girl crush’.

Image Source : MBC

The ‘Ruler’ production team said, “Kim So Hyun plays very optimally as Han Ga Eun. She is very concerned about her role, ranging from Han Gaeun’s misery regarding the fate of his father, to her love of the crown prince, she could perform all difficult acting 100%. Please continue to support the drama and look forward to the changes that Kim So Hyun will show in the future.”

Meanwhile, episodes 13 and 14 of ‘Ruler’ will be aired on May 31st.

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