G-Dragon Apologized for TOP’s Marijuana Controversy During Bigbang’s Fanmeeting

Leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon, apologized to fans on behalf of T.O.P.

On June 3, a Bibang’s fanmeeting was held at Kyocera Stadium in Osaka, Japan. The event was attended by GD, Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung.

Image source: Cosmopolitan, High Cut

Before the event started, G-Dragon apologized for the case that happened to T.O.P. “We are sorry for this incident. I promise I will not let anything like this happen again. Please continue supporting us,”

Previously, T.O.P was exposed to ‘Narcotics Administration Act’ punishment for the use of narcotics. It was informed that T.O.P sucked marijuana last October at his home in Hannam-dong together with a woman.

Through an official press release delivered on June 4th, TOP said to his fans, “I’m sorry for disappointing you all. To be honest, I’m also ashamed of myself. I’m so sorry and I’ve been scared for no reason. I think I deserve the punishment. I really want to reflect and repent a thousand times. I will make sure that I won’t repeat a mistake like this.”

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